I had originally planned on blogging once a week and just giving an overview of things happening. Hubby decided to join my blog and encouraged me to post more than once a week, so I am going to introduce one of the flock once a week instead. There will still be many posts about the chickens, because they are such a big part of our lives. These are just little posts about a certain chicken. I have already introduce Piney the light Amerucana baby, so here is Nutty, the dark one:

nutty-2I was having quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out who was who due to the fact we had bought several brown chicks. Hubby has showed me the difference among them and I keep repeating this mantra when I want to find Nutty “stripe on the butt none on the head”.


She sure is a cutie. I am waiting patiently to see if she will have Chewy’s coloring. If so, Nutty will turn out to be absolutely gorgeous. I am also curious to see if Piney and Nutty are going to be exact opposites in coloring like Chewy and Chloe were. I really haven’t been able to pick out a distinct personality yet with these babies, but I do know that Nutty is a sweet little bird and while she is a quick, not as quick as Piney.


3 thoughts on “Nutty

  1. Hi, Just found your blog. Gorgeous chicks. We are currently hatching 12 eggs, candled them last night and it seems 9 of them are growing. Can’t wait for them to hatch now.
    Is this your first lot of chicks?

    best wishes

  2. Yes!!! Another chicken blog!!! 😀 Hubby and I have been trying to find chicken blogs, so I will definitely being adding you to our list. No this our 4th batch of babies we have bought and Hendri is the first to be hatched by a broody hen. Our first batch of chickens will be a year old in a couple of weeks. Incubating eggs seems so exciting….good luck on them all hatching.

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