Splitting Wood

my-toolsI like to grill out using real wood instead of charcoal.  Not only is it cheaper that way, as I can almost always find wood for free, but I think the food tastes better, and cooking with wood appeals to my outdoorsy side.  I really don’t have the money for a dedicated wood splitter, so I use an old axe head and a large hammer.placing-the-maulI first tap the head in just enough to stay, making sure I go with the grain.hammering-in-the-maulI then begin hammering in earnest.  Wish I had a bigger hammer, but this one does a respectable job.  First time I did this, it did not appear I was making progress, but then I heard crackling deep inside the wood, and before I knew it, there was two pieces on the ground and the axe head between them.maul-is-buriedThis piece decided to be stubborn,using-an-axe-handle-to-further-drive-the-maulso, I used the handle from the broken axe to drive the head further in.splitting-by-handI got it far enough down to pull the pieces apart by hand and retrieve the axe head.  This method works for as many times as you want to split the same pieces, although the smaller you get them, the harder it is for them to stand up on their own.


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