New Rooster

ban-1This is Ban (bahn, Irish for white), an Ameraucana rooster.  He has changed hands between our landlady and us several times, but has come to us for good.  Our landlady just has too many roo’s.  Ban was sweet when we had him, and liked me alot.  I fear he has learned many bad habits from the other side of the fence, but we will give him a try. ban-31I feared that Ban would be too aggressive with our sweet males, but I needn’t have worried.  George, our most dominant hen (she started life marked as a rooster) whooped his butt, then Blue Man chased him around the yard for hours.  Benelli Belly displayed and fought with Ban briefly, and afterward Ban decided to stay close to the large house and hide under it when necessary.  ban-2He decided to appear for awhile when I came to talk to him and click some pics.  Also, while I was cooking out, George made-up with Ban ban by allowing him to mount her.  I’m surprised he even knows what to do with a female, as he has never had a chance to mate since he became sexually mature until now.  Poor Arthur had hens squatting for him everywhere, and he didn’t seem to know what to do.  I think Ban ban will be alright.


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