Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

35-gallon-drum-on-blocksThis is my new barbeque setup: a 35 gallon drum with holes in the bottum for the burn chamber and set up on concrete blocks, and an egg smoker to put on top of it.  Both were rescued from the landfill.wood-bricks-and-water-in-smoker1The ashbowl in the egg smoker is the best part of this setup.  It keeps the flames from directly affecting the meat yet still allows smoke and heat through.  I have placed a couple bricks and a stick of hickory in the bowl, and filled it with water.  I will stoke up a good fire in the barrel, put a grate over it, then place this smoker on top.  There is just enough room so that some heat and smoke can escape all the way around the smoker.shrimp-ready-to-grill1I have already tried the setup with hot dogs, and it went well, but the real test is with or favorite grill-out food, bacon wrapped shrimp.  My wife slathers them in bbq sauce and pokes toothpicks through to keep the bacon in place.shrimp-on-the-barbieI just placed some of them on.  I could immediately tell a difference, as the bacon was cooking without blackening too soon.smoker-in-place-over-burn-barrel2I put the cover on, and could check the temp on the built-in indicator.  It still got too hot a few times, but that was easy to control with a few squirts to the burn can from the garden hose.  finished-shrimpThe shrimp turned-out excellent; golden brown instead of black, and dee-licious!  I also noticed that the toothpicks were not burned-off like they would’ve been with the previous setup, which was just a grate over a 25 gallon burn barrel.


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