Benelli visits the house

benelli-3This is Benelli, our smallest, yet most dominant, rooster.  He is a Mille Fleur Duccle’.  Not only is he a big ol’ sweetie, but he’s smart, too.  He has learned that, although he may not like Daddy much, if Daddy gets ahold of him, he will be going to visit Mommy.  So, Benelli more or less goes willingly, with a good attitude.  For his pains, General Benelli Belly gets scratch right from Mommy’s hand.  benelli-2On another note, today, we collected 22 eggs, our highest count so-far. walking-the-fenceline Our other excitement today is giving asylum to a fugitive:  Arthur, our landlady’s Danish Brown Leghorn rooster.  The large roosters have free range of her yard, and since they don’t have any females to breed with and protect, they have nothing better to do than get into trouble, develop bad attitudes, and pick on each-other.  Lately, everyone has been ganging-up on Arthur, so today he flew over the fence into our yard for some relief.  We decided to put him in with our chickies for awhile.  hiding-behind-some-hensHe  seems pretty content with us for now.  Benelli only displayed for him briefly, and Moppet is in his own world.  Blue Man decided to be a little aggressive, so I stuck him in with Ginger and her chicks to see what would happen.  blue-man-playing-daddyHe took right to it, and is now playing “Daddy” to Hendri and Piggledy.


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