Box Wars

Box #1...Fuar (black) and Buffy
Box #1...Fuar (black) and Buffy


Box #2....Fresno (white) and...
Box #2....Fresno (white) and...




Now these hens have 12 different boxes to choose from, but they try to lay in the same ones instead. These two boxes are the most popular. Although, today I saw a promising sign…


lacyUnfortunately, our hens do not lay right away and they spent several minutes going in and out of these new boxes. So I went back in and came back out later….

eggs-in-new-box…yeah eggs!!! 😀 It has taken them a couple of weeks before they decide to lay there. I think since more of them are laying now that the warmer weather is here they are being forced to lay elsewhere. Plus I don’t think they liked just plain pine straw and leaves, so we shoveled in some dirt. Obviously, that hit the mark.


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