Well I am starting over on hubby’s hoodie. UGGH! I had even gotten a whole stripe done and was working the second. Needless to say, I was working on it when I shouldn’t have and made some mistakes that I could not unravel and fix. Right now I am doing review with little man, so I can’t knit. It is not like when he is doing worksheets, where he writes and I sit there as guidance. This means I have only a few hours in the evening time to work on it. Seeings how hubby’s hoodie is quite a bit more stitches per row, it takes me longer to complete one row. So where as I could complete a row in under a minute with little man’s sweater, it now takes me 2 minutes. Which may not seem to much until you realize I have to do 180 rows just to complete one piece. I tried to work on it yesterday when I was wore out and trying to recuperate from a busy week…I did 85 miles on the bicycle, and hubby had been off since Thursday, so we could take care of some errands. Well maybe by the time I get this done it will be cool enough for him to wear it….. 😦


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