As promised I am going to start introducing each of the new babies that we purchased Thursday.

pineyThis is Piney our light colored Amerucana pullet. Amerucanas are somewhat of a mutt chicken in the fact that there is not any distinct color pattern to the chickens.  Our experience with Chewy and Chloe was that the light colored ones tend to be light colored when feathered out and vice versa. Piney will also lay colored eggs, whether they will be blue, green, pink or grey we don’t know. Chewy while she was alive laid green and Chloe lays a light blue that can look white at times. Hubby came up with her name. I imagine it had something to do with the fact that she likes to eat the pine nuts in the bedding and when she is out in the chicken tractor. She is also quite a fast little thing and is somewhat hard to catch when we want to move them to from the brooder to the chicken tractor. piney-2Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity to get a really cute pic of her when she fell asleep with her head in the food dish. She also tends to fall asleep while standing whereas some of the others lay down first. She is already starting to get feathers at her wing tips and is so adorable when fluttering around the brooder. Well that is all for now and in the next installment I will introduce Nutty are dark Amerucana.


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