More Babies

Thursday morning hubby took off on the scoot with little man to pick up the chicks.  It took some time, because the chicks weren’t there yet, then when he was getting ready to come home, Ace got the call to pick up the chicks from the post office. It was another wait while the lady picked them up and brought them back, but hubby helped unload the little chicks into the separate boxes. While they were gone, I got the brooder ready (inside the ex-laundry room) and waited impatiently for the guys to make it back home. Just about the time I was getting ready to send out a search party they pull in the driveway with little man holding on to a box full of cheeping.

in-the-brooderThese babies were very lively and took to eating and drinking right away. As it was nice and warm we decided to see how they would do with Ginger, Hendri and Piggledy.with-ginger

She began to chatter at them right away and was quite alright with them for about 30 minutes when she started to peck at them. The problem was that she was trying to call over Hendri and Piggledy to eat and the new babies came instead. She didn’t want the newbies eating the food, so we put her and the two that have been with her back in the brooder outside. The littles spent another half an hour out while we tried to come up with names. Took us quite a bit of time with these, but here is what we came up with:

  • Brown Leghorns: Henny and Penny
  • Amerucanas: Piney and Nutty
  • Australorp: Higgledy
  • Partridge Rocks: Speedy and Slacker

They made it through the night and are just so full of life. I will be introducing each one here soon….as soon as I figure out who is who. 😛


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