Saddle Update

 So Friday we are taking a trip up to Tallahassee again which means climbing up on the saddle again. I am still sore from Sunday, but figured I could make it Friday if I didn’t ride from Tuesday to Thursday. Hubby thought about it and decided to switch saddles with me. Last night he took off the Dolce Gel and put on the Cloud 9….wow! what a difference. I went from sitting on granite to riding on a pillow (a nice squishy one at that)! The Cloud 9 was originally on my bike when we bought it, but I had him put the Kulana seat on for my ride home. I didn’t want to be breaking in a saddle on a bike I had never ridden before…one new thing at a time for me. Hubby then put the Cloud 9 on his bike, because the Eastman went kaput. I used my Kulana seat until we could afford to get the Dolce Gel I wanted. I had wanted the Dolce, because it was supposed to be comfortable for long journeys and we do try to take long trips at least twice a month if not more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I needed. Now I tried the Cloud 9 for only a moment or two last night, so I decided to head out to Wal-Mart (4 mile round trip) to see if it still was as nice as last night. YES!!!! It was a success and I do believe it will do good on the longer trip to and from church (12 miles round trip) tonight, as well as toTallahassee (20 miles round trip ). We are looking to get another Cloud 9 for hubby as he will be stuck with my Dolce until then. Great thing is he gets paid next week and  the Cloud 9 is about $20…nice to get comfort for an inexpensive price.


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