Ant Killers

che-che1Meet Te’ (chay, Irish for hot), our Red Sex Link pullet and chief pest control officer.   Te’ Te’ really likes ants.  She gobbles them right up, whether they are fire ants or not.  Lives up to her name, no?munching-on-some-antsWe have used many methods for ant removal, some environmentally sound, most not.  We hit on this idea when we were raising our first batch of pullets.  We would bring them out in the yard on nice days and put all of them in this cage, which we call a tractor because it’s movable and there’s no bottum to it.  They absolutely loved being outside and being able to scratch the ground, but they even more loved it when they could catch insects.  We decided to try putting them over an ant hill, and they tore that thing up. mmm-mmm-goodIt doesn’t take much scratching over a hole from a chicken or several of them, and the ants decide to move elsewhere.  We are only too happy to use chickens as ant control, as we are opposed to using pesticides and chemicals on our lawn.  buffy-and-mercedesTe’ isn’t the only one who gets to have all the fun, she’s just the most fond of ants.  Here, Buffy and Mercedes, Buff Orpinton hens, go to town on the ants in our driveway.  Chickens are very good weed control officers, also.  That will be in a later post.


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