New Saddle

Yesterday was the first day I got to really try out my new saddle for a long distance. We decided to head out to Woodville by hitting Trice Lane, going to Wakulla Arran, up to Spring Creek, then getting onto Bloxam Cutoff and then getting on the St. Mark’s bicycle trail north. It is a 20 mile trip one way and although there are shorter distances, we like to be able to ride side by side and take it easy on these family trips. We had decided to go to Ace in Woodville to see if they had any baby chicks…we are sooo addicted. Starting out the seat felt just slightly uncomfortable. I realize that I have to adjust to sitting on my sit bones and that is going to take some getting use to. I told hubby I am going to have to build calluses on my butt, so that these long rides won’t bother me. Most of the way it was just uncomfortable, but when my feet started to go to sleep it became unbearable. I am OK if I can concentrate on one painful issue at a time…add anymore and I am a wimp. By then we had made it to the bike trail that goes through Woodville and we stopped alongside it and hubby raised my seat a bit. The raising of the seat seem to help and I was able to make it to Ace without anymore numbness. We walked around Ace and just looked at stuff. We hardly ever actually buy things when we go out (other than something to eat), we just like to look. We found out Ace will be getting chicks on the 12th, so hubby will be coming over on the scooter to get some to replace some of the ones we lost. After our leisurely stroll through Ace we bought some hot dogs to take with us and headed back down the bicycle trail towards home. The thing about getting off and resting is the fact that you have to get back on. I love riding my bike, but that first initial get on after a rest period is quite a killer, especially when trying to break in a new saddle. We did stop at the park that was at the end of the trail, so that little man could play. Hubby and I ate our hot dogs, while little man happily played on the equipment and chased other kids around. After about an hour playtime little man was captured by dada and came to eat his hot dog. We then headed home. Rest of the way was punctuated by stops to rest…the more tired you are the more you notice that your butt hurts. We did get up to a good clip for a few miles, but then hit a headwind and had to slow down. Also we had a Harley rider that literally drove past my elbow. The thing is people wrongly assume that the loud bikes can be heard by everyone….they can only be heard if you are right next to the person or the person is behind you. I had no idea he was coming and he about gave me a heart attack. I could have reached out and touched him. He didn’t need to be that close due to he had a whole lane and no cars coming. Other than that our trip was uneventful and we had a good time.

Today I am sitting on a pillow….hopefully the tenderness won’t last too long…just how long does it take to build a callus?


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