Chillin’ Today

honeys-new-saddleAs you can see, Honey’s new saddle is not a Brooks.  Indeed, budgetary constraints came into play here.  So, Tal and I dusted off the scooter and headed to Tallahassee to purchase a Specialized Dolce’ Gel saddle, 155mm.  It was about half of what we would’ve paid for a Brooks. beauty-with-new-saddleI also went by University Cycles and purchased some Tuffy’s innertube liners for her bike.  No, noone makes tube liners for 28″ wheels, but a 700×35-42 works just fine and still overlaps by a couple inches.  We don’t have the money to be buying expensive $40+ Schwalbe Marathon puncture-resistant tyres, so tube liners will enable us to have less flats on cheaper “Dinged-Shins”.  Since we have been riding bicycles here in Crawfordville, we have had staples in three different tyres.  ginger-and-chicksOnce Tal and I arrived home with the loot, we all ate and decided to hang-out on the carport while I installed the abovementioned items on the Beauty.  I learned that it is possible to install innertube liners without removing the wheels on a bicycle, a good thing, as removing wheels on the Raleigh DL-1 can be aggravating.  While we were hanging-out,  I decided to pull Ginger and chicks out so the neighbors could see her and they could all get some fresh air and dig around in the grass next to the carport.  hendri-poking-head-outThey actually spent most of the time foraging or trying to go where we didn’t want them, but getting an action pic was impossible, so I waited until Ginger sat down to warm the chicks.  I did not realize how much a hen talks to her chicks, but it is a constant flow.  She sounds like a dot-matrix printer. knitting-on-the-carportCyclingchicken decided to work on her knitting.  She is starting a pullover hoodie for me 🙂 .  It will be orange and yellow stripe on the body, green and yellow stripe on the sleeves, pocket, and hood.  Yes, a bit eye-catching, all-the-better for safety on the bicycle. waiting-for-afternoon-scratchAfter finishing, giving the chickies their afternoon scratch, and putting Ginger & chicks back in their enclosure, we all rode to that Golden Arches place for a soft-serve ice cream cone.  Wifey likes the new saddle, although it feels strange to her because it’s so much smaller than the spring saddle from the Kulana.  We’ll see how it does on the ride to Woodville tomorrow.


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