Mods to my front rack 2

bicycles-001This is a grinder.  I borrowed it to do some work on the front rack of the Beast.  One of the things I didn’t like about the new mounting system is that the bracket pushed down on the front of the fender, not enough to rub the tyre, but enough to put stress on the fender.  I just didn’t like that.bicycles-002The fender looks a whole lot better now.  The bracket still contacts it, but there’s no stress there.  I actually used safety glasses to grind!  That’s pretty good for me.  I used a pair from work.  bicycles-003I did not like how the mount was attaching to the fork crown, not flush across it, so I fitted a piece of rubber block which had been intended to insulate an A/C compressor mount.  Now things move around alot less. load-of-bird-seedI decided to bring home a 25 pound bag of birdseed, which I mix with the chickies’ scratch, from Mal Wart.  It felt alot more stable and less wobbly.  Tal gave me more wobbles than the bird seed load.


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