Finished :D

Last time I posted I had just finished a sleeve….Here is the other:

tal-with-sweaterNext came pockets:

pocketsThat was all for the actually knitting part. Now I needed to attach these to the front of the sweater. I looked at all the ways you can attach items together and decided on the back-stitch for the pockets. I really like the back-stitch a lot. It seems to hold things together quite nicely and is easy to do.attached-pockets

I took a picture of the inside due to the fact that you cannot see the seam on the front. I imagine if I had use blue for the red pocket and vice versa you would have been able to see it. I was working on the pockets last night and almost sewed the red pocket completely up. 😛


I turned the sweater inside out to weave the seams. I worked from the bottom up on each side. I was able to complete one whole side before having to go to bed. I completed the other side while little man was working on school. In order to make my stripes match, I would line up a stripe and then pin the stripe to the left of it.  All that was left was to weave about in an inch and a half more on both sides of the collar.

finishedNow time to model it on little man…and there it has stayed. He thanked me and really likes it a lot. I am so happy that it turned out and that he likes it. So now I will be ready to start on hubby’s hoodie come Friday. The only problem I have now is that there is nothing for me on my needles to do and I still have 2 more days…… 😐


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