Bad news in chickie land.

First-off, Shotzy, which is the black/silver/white rooster in the header photo, spurred Little Man, so I had to end his life.  That is the standing rule we have with our chickens here: any of them attack a human and they become dinner.  That leaves us with Moppet (white-crested black polish), Blue Man (Blue Cochin), and  Benelli (Mille fleur D’uccle’).  Maybe that’s plenty enough roosters for 30 some-odd hens.    Shotzy had already been showing signs of being a little too protective of his hens, but we were hoping he would stop short of actual attack.   All of our hens absolutely love Little Man, and and he has never antagonized any of them.  He was nowhere near any of the hens when the attack happened.  None of our roosters have been dumb enough to attack either me or Cyclingchicken, but they seem to think Tal is an easy enough target.  I’m sure that will change as Little Man gets older. 

Second bit of bad news is that we only have two chicks left of the eight.  We have had some cold nights lately, and I’m pretty sure what happened is that the chicks were keeping warm and not coming out for food.  Wifey came out to check on Ginger today, and found her next to the door of the enclosure with Piggledy (australorp) and Hendri (unknown) under her.  Wifey could smell the rotting bodies of the other chicks.  She removed the corpses and cleaned the nest, but Ginger remained by the door until I came home and gave her some little bits of grass.  That allowed me to inspect the chicks while they learned from momma how to eat this new treat.  I had to pull some dried poop off Hendri’s rear end, so that sent everyone scurrying back to the nesting boxes.  I did notice that Ginger chose a different box than the one where the babies died.momma-covering-chicksGinger is very tolerant of me checking-0ut her babies.  She wasn’t this friendly before going broody.piggledy2This is Piggledy, our female Australorps chick.piggledy-running-aroundShe seems to be the more outgoing of the two, and will come visit for awhile to play.sideview-of-hendriHendri, who we suspect is Red Crest Red Polish and Buff Orpington/Leghorn mix, wants nothing to do with these strange visitors.  I had to hold him/her with my hand just to get something other than a backview photo.both-chicks-togetherBoth chicks together, before Hendri disappears under momma.


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