One done…

…sleeve that is.


Now I am getting ready to work on the other. I am really enjoying this and amazed at how well I am doing. I thought for sure I would have not been able to get this far. After weaving the shoulder pieces together I next read the ” pick up stitches and knit ” section of my how to book. I then attempted to put into action what I read. Well I did manage to pick up the stitches, I just went in the wrong direction and got all confused when I was trying to stitch even spaces with an odd amount of stitches. I decided to take out what I had done and go to bed. The next evening I got on the web…absolutely wonderful help for me  as I can watch videos and mimic what I see. So after many sites I knew how to “pick up stitches and knit”, but I didn’t know how to do it evenly and then I happened upon the shizknit blog and discovered this wonderful tutorial. It made making odd even easier. It then took me a couple of more evenings and this morning to finish it. I was almost finished last night, but I was so tired that I started to see double and went on auto pilot. I was K1 row and P1 row (which is what I had been doing for most of the sweater) instead of just K8 rows. Which meant that I had to unravel again…sigh. That was my cue to hit the sheets. Although,  a good night sleep and I was able to complete my project no problem.


I just pinned the sleeve (I don’t do any sewing the seams until the pockets have been added) to see how it will look. Little man is getting more excited the more I finish.  The boat neck is a little too big, so I am going to take it in about another 1/2 to 1 inch on each side.  Hubby is waiting patiently for his hoodie, which I will start after I finish this sweater. He gets paid Friday, so I will be picking up the yarn and needles I need. I think I could be done with little man’s sweater by then or at least by the next week. 😀


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