Unfortunately of the 10 chicks we ordered only 7 survived. We lost Hendri (the Silver Spangled Hamburg) overnight and Saturday I tried to keep Glock (the Spitzhauben) and Penny (the Brabanter) going, but unfortunately they didn’t make it. I was pretty upset and cried as they died in my hands. 😦 The hardest part of baby chicks is that some don’t make it. The mortality rate is actually quite high, but looking back at how many we have and how many have actually died on us, we actually are doing quite well with the survival rate. Fast forward to the late afternoon, I am trying to get us ready to go to movie night. 4-H had a free movie and I was helping out at the concession stand while hubby watched the movie and little man. I decided to go and check on Ginger before I left, because I was wondering about the cracked egg. In I climb into the little door again (I am getting quite good at not getting caught on the nails) and crawl over to Ginger.  She starts making little sounds other than the normal broody warning sounds and I thought I heard a little chirping in response, but I was not sure. I stuck my hand underneath her and this is what I found:

egg-shellWhich meant there had to be a baby. I actually had to lift her up, but when I did I found :

hendriThis beautiful little chick. It has black legs and yellow tips on its tail and wings. We decided to name this one Hendri, since little man’s other chick had died. Besides this one did remind me of a penguin when I first pulled it out. Now she had two eggs, so I went looking to see if the cracked egg had hatched. I actually had to move her off the nest and the egg had cracked more, but no chick. We were getting a little suspicious due to the fact we didn’t hear any movement or sound from the egg. We made the decision to crack open the egg and the most horrible smell arose. It had never been fertilized and was getting ready to explode. I am glad we removed it. Now that the egg had hatched we decided to try Ginger with the babies from Ideal again.


Success!! She accepted them all and was happily “talking” to her new charges. Today was cold and blustery, but a quick glance around the enclosure proved that all the babies were tucked up underneath her keeping warm. 😀


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