Some bicycle stuff

wifeys-handlebar-companionLet the great squeezie frog of peace always ride with you…beauty-and-trailerI thought at first that I had adjusted Wifey’s hub gears correctly, but was wondering about it because on the short little rides I had done, first and second didn’t feel any different.  The other night, I was reading through my raggedy, careworn copy of Richard’s Bicycle Book and came upon instructions for adjusting three-speed hub gears.  It only took a few minutes to determine the cable was way slack, and the Little Lady had been pedaling around with only 2nt and 3rd gears is a reason the right side hub nut has holes in it:  with the shift lever in 2nt, the indicator rod, which the shift chain attaches to, should be exactly even with the end of the axle.

I have had a routine for awhile now, first with the motorcycle(s) and now with the bicycles, that every saturday morning, I check tyre pressures, look everything over, wipe them down, and lube all moving parts.  This is a very good habit to develop, especially if you and your loved-ones depend on your bicycles.  Even though Miss Cyclingchicken doesn’t ever mess with bicycle maintenance, I at least have shown her how everything works, and I grill her on what the tyre pressures are supposed-to be on her bike.  I am beginning to have Little Man help me with the saturday morning routine more and more, so that he develops good maintenance habits for his machines.   

This morning, I put flat sealant in Beauty’s tubes and waxed her a bit.  Tal wiped his Stingray down, and I spent a good bit of time cleaning road grime off the Beast.  Then, Little Man and I went to Mal Wart for some soda.   While we were there, I let him ride a certain bicycle he really wants for awhile.  It’s red and yellow, and looks like a motorcycle.  I spotted a continuous-ringing all-metal bell there, too.  Tal wanted a bell like mine, and I bought a single ringer for him.  It wasn’t but a week and the plastic gear teeth on the mechanism had stripped-out.  I will have to go back later for those two items ;). On the way home, we found a blue bandana on the side of the road.  As cyclists, we use bandanas for all kinds of things.  I decided to take a pic with Tal and our load of soda still on the bike:back-from-mal-wart1


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