rescued-mowerWent shopping at the landfill again friday, and came home with this odd thing.  Apparently, the handle broke and the ingenious DIY owner welded on a stem and handlebar from a bicycle he had laying around.   For whatever reason, this sad thing ended-up at the landfill in the metal pile.  sideview-of-rescued-mowerThe lower unit is still in good shape, the blades didn’t even need sharpening or adjustment.  Little Man is very interested in it, but it is too big for him.  The neighbor kids came over while we were testing it out, so I let them take turns running the mowers around.  Each of the mowers I have are different in their cutting ability and are adjusted to a different height, the idea being whatever one doesn’t get, the other two might.  I set this mower to the lowest cutting height, kinda’ like a “finish” mower.  I will need to fabricate a grass catcher for it 🙂name-of-mowerThis is an American mower, 16″, made in Indiana.  They are sold by Ace Hardware, and Sears under the Craftsman brand.   Tal’s mower is 16″, made in Germany, while mine is 18″, made in China.  I took a pair of foam grips off one of the donor bicycles to make it more comfy to push.


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