The chicks from Ideal arrived today:


The Post Office called at 5 am, but I had waited until 8:30 am (when they open) due to the fact that I didn’t know I could have gone to the back door to pick them up.


Here is everybody happy and chirping. My neighbor had ordered some on my order, so she took me to the Post Office. She ordered 4 White Crested Black Polish. She fell in love with our Moppet and decided she had to have some herself. In the pic they are the black body, yellow headed ones. We had to open the box at the Post Office to make sure they arrived in good health. If we have one that dies in transit, Ideal will either replace the chick or give you a credit. We heard the babies as soon as we came into the building. Who would  have thought something so little could make so much noise? They are soooo cute. Once I got them home, I began taking pictures and trying to decide who was who. I was able to figure out some of them, the rest I had to wait until this evening when hubby came home.

piggledyPiggledy the Black Australorps

hennyHenny the Cream Brabanter

queenieQueenie the Silver Penciled Egyptian Fayoumi


Either the Higgledy (the Rose Comb Brown Leghorn) or Maple (the Welsummer). They look a lot alike except for one of them has white stripes and the other has yellow stripes.

After a few pictures, I noticed that they were getting chilly. I decided to see if Ginger Ale would take care of them. Well I climbed thru the little door again begin putting babies with her.

with-gingerWell she didn’t really have a reaction to them, in fact a couple of them got out from under her and stood shivering. She never responded to them. I think she is still in her broody trance, so I gathered the babies back up and put them in the brooder room. I then decided to see if maybe one of my other hens would accept them as her own. Well the rest of the day was spent doing mama auditions and no luck. Mercedes, my Buff Orpington, had me fooled, because she spent about an hour making a nest. I thought yes finally. It wasn’t to be though, because when Cheeseburger (the Golden Spangled Hamburg) came near her, she pecked the baby on the head. It is not that big of a deal since we do know how to raise them ourselves, I just thought it would be nice if they had a mama. We are going to try Ginger again when her eggs hatch. We are really pleased with our babies. They had to substitute the Sicilian Buttercup and the Salmon Faverolle that we ordered due to being out, so we got an extra Silver Spangled Hamburg and an extra Spitzhauben. Well I named a few of our new babies in the blog, but here is the complete list of our new fuzzy littles:

  • Black Australorps-Piggledy
  • Egyptian Fayoumi-Queenie
  • Cream Brabanter-Henny
  • Rose Comb Brown Leghorn-Higgledy
  • Welsummer-Maple
  • Silver Spangled Hamburg-Burger and Hendri (little man’s fav name)
  • Golden Spangled Hamburg-Cheeseburger
  • Spitzhauben-Penny and Glock (think Glockenspiel)

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