Cracked Egg

closeupHere is Miss Ginger Ale still sitting tight. With two more days to go until littles hatch and our order from Ideal arrives, I decided to check on the eggs underneath her. She puffed and fussed only a tiny bit at me, but when I pulled an egg out this is what I found:


An egg with cracks…unfortunately, I was trying to take a pic at night with the flash and it didn’t show as well as I would have liked. I had crawled my way through the little door to make sure that I could fit. Thank goodness for the loss of some inches in the hip area. (Man I love my bike!) I haven’t messed with the eggs for fear of making her give up, but I couldn’t resist last night. I have yet to go out there today due to working on little man’s sweater. I figure I will be out there in the morning anyway when I try to introduce the newly hatched chicks we are getting to her. If all goes as planned she will raise them for me, if not then the little babies will be going into the brooder in the ex-laundry room.  Actually, I will be surprised if I make it to tomorrow. Not the greatest of patience on this end… 😐


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