Some accessories for Beauty

sideview-of-rear-rackI went to change the rack/bag combo from the Kulana to Beauty tonight, and found that it was definitely not going to work up front.  However, it fits quite nicely on the rear.  This is an aluminum rear rack I took off a donor bike I found at the landfill.  The rear wheel reflector came from that bike, too.  The bag is a Marsee tailbag I had on my BMW motorcycle.  It was very expensive, so I held onto it when I sold the bike.  There is an acrylic plate underneath that I used to attach the tailbag to the diminutive stock parcel rack.  The front of the rack attaches at the fender bridge. detail-of-rack-mountsThe bottum attaches with a couple cheater brackets replacing the washers at the seatstay bolts.  I later put some zip ties from the brackets to the chainstay to make sure they don’t migrate backward.tailbag-and-reflector1The stock reflector, which attached at the fender bridge, was just too nice to leave off, so I found a way to incorporate it into the rack.  It will stay there until I purchase a good tail light for this bike. cutout-mudflapThe other project I did this evening was make and attach mudflaps to the Beauty.  A few days ago, I found a dump truck mud flap next to a garbage can at the shop.  These things are useful for all kinds of purposes.  In the past, I have used them for floormats in my cars.  I brought it home with the idea of making smaller mudflaps.  I don’t know if it was instructables or another web site I got the idea from, but I found that mud flaps can be quite long, actually dragging the ground.  This is very good for keeping muck off your chain, shoes, lower legs, and bicycle trailer.  The ones on the Beast drag the ground, but my super-accurate eyeball calculations caused these to be about an inch off the ground, still quite useful. front-mudflapIt was necessary to drill a hole and add extra hardware to secure the mudflap.  I really need to purchase a washer assortment, because I’ve really been scrounging lately to find useful ones. I later rounded the edges on this flap to make it purtier.  I will eventually add some reflective doodads to round-out the look as finances allow.  That’s Tal’s knees in the background.  He’s not too happy that I’m making him sit still and help me for awhile, but I don’t think it’s going to kill him. flexible-bottum-part-of-rear-mudflapOn the rear fender, I knew the truck flap material was too stiff and heavy to go all the way to the floor, so I stopped at about 10 inches, and finished with something lighter and more flexible made from automotive innertube.  It has a bit of curve to it that mimics the fender. rear-mudflap I used a long, plastic laminated twisty tie with small washers to attach the innertube to the flap.  The holes in the flap were drilled, while the ones in the innertube were done using a leather hole punch.  I did some trimming later to purty things up, and this one is large enough to definitely need some kind of reflective adornment.


4 thoughts on “Some accessories for Beauty

  1. I might be able to get away with one on the Beast, but not on Wifey’s Beauty. Don’t think she’d like that. She says wouldn’t go with the cute frog.

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