Homemade grass catcher

little-man-and-his-mowerThis is Little Man with his mower.  Yes, we actually make him work once-in-awhile.  I just love it when there is talk in the news about the obesity epidemic in children.  Seems everyone wants to eliminate fatty foods (which children actually need to grow properly), but they don’t want to look at the real issue here, our lazy, sedentary lifestyles.  Turn off the idiot box and the video games and put that kid to workdadabeans-mowerYou will notice that there is something missing from our mowers:  an engine.  Not only are we getting excellent exercise mowing our lawn, but we aren’t having to buy fuel, aren’t putting toxins in the air, and don’t need earplugs.  Plus, these things will be tick-ticking along through the lifespans of several engined push mowers.  Simple to operate, easy to start. 

My mower came with a grass catcher, but Tal’s did not.  We like to keep the clippings and feed them to the chickies.  They love their greens!  I decided to make a catcher for the little mower using an empty scratch bag (one of the plastic fiber kind), some twisty-ties from my uniform cleaners, and some wire I had laying around.  I used a leather hole punch and folded over the edges where I attached the front part to the mower with twisty ties.  I had to tape the wire in place on the crossbar so it wouldn’t move off to the sides.  More twisty ties to keep the wire looking neat.homemade-grass-catcherWorks very nicely, and now it will be easier to judge how much effort Little Man is putting into the work.  Looks like he did pretty good for our first mow of the season!


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