Back at it

Well after a couple days break, I have picked back up the knitting needles. I realize that sometimes I just need to walk away from something to keep from getting so aggravated that I say to hell with it. I am going a little bit slower than last time and making sure I am counting my stitches right. I am double checking a good bit, just to make sure. I did all my errands yesterday and my laundry out on the line won’t be done until this evening (I didn’t get it done until yesterday at dinnertime) and little man is doing school work, so I basically have the whole day to work on the sweater. I have the needles next to me while I am on the computer, so I can even do it while waiting for a page to load.

One of the things that I like about knitting is I can do it while little man is writing, being five it takes him a good bit of time to do his work. We tend to break things up by rows and he can do something else for a minute or two before he has to start the next row. Today he is writing the number and word 19. When he finishes he has chosen to go hide from me. It actually works quite well, because he then wants to get rows done, so that he can go hide.  Most of the time it is Beep and Zap. Beep (the left hand) and Zap (the right hand) made an appearance a few months ago. He would complete a row and then either one of them (depending on whose turn it was) would get to “talk”. Little man is still learning to stay on task and when I tend to do something while he is working…he lolly-gags or just daydreams. With the knitting, I can be doing my stitches and he thinks I am not paying attention. Then when he goes to daydream or get off task I can remind him to get back to work…a whole lot easier than trying to catch him while I am in the bathroom doing laundry and him at the kitchen table.

Another part of knitting that I enjoy is how relaxing it is for me. When I ride my bicycle I tend to put in a good bit of mileage in (last week I did 70 miles) and I tend to wear myself out. The hard part of building stamina is not the soreness or the effort I put in while doing so many miles, it is the tiredness that follows. It seems to take forever before the stamina builds enough that a trip certain amount of miles doesn’t wipe me out. The knitting gives me something to do while I am recuperating. Well something other than just napping…you can only sleep so much and I have little man to take care of and teach.

Well since I haven’t been able to figure out how to type and knit at the same time….I will be ending this post. Besides I have a little man to go find. 😀


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