I am in love….


new-bike1…with my new Raleigh DL-1. Today was the day that we went and bought it. I got a ride from my best friend to University Cycles in Tallahassee, Florida. Hubby and little man were already there getting my bicycle ready. Not only were we getting my new ride we were picking up another bike to use for parts. We loaded the part bike in my friend’s car and she was off to do some errands. Hubby fiddled with the bike for about an hour to make sure everything was in shape for me to make my 19 mile journey home. I waited patiently (as possible) for the ability to hop on and go. I have been waiting a long time for this bike and this morning seemed to take forever to come.


After a few adjustments, such as taking off the chain guard and making sure I was comfy, I was off on my journey. I could tell that it was somewhat hard for hubby to let me head off by myself. It is not that he doesn’t believe I can do something, it is the fact that he wants to be there if Ihave trouble and to enjoy the experience with me. I stopped at the gas station a block away to pick up a snack and a potty break. As I was gearing up to leave hubby and little man pulled up on the scooter to see how that first block went. I had to grin…the man is worse than a mother hen sometimes, but it was a much needed blessing that he stopped. When I tried to cross the street my pedals began to spin and I couldn’t go anywhere. Hubby saw and pulled in a parking area shortly up the road. I pushed the bike to him and he adjusted the cable to my gears. He says that when a bike sits awhile the cable can become stretched and needs to be adjusted often for awhile. He adjusted it and rode it a short bit to make sure all was well again and once again we parted ways.  I then began to ride and was amazed at how well I was able to tackle the hills. You see, Tallahasse is very hilly, almost like part of San Francisco was dropped off in Florida. I immediately began to see the advantage of the Raleigh over the Kulana. The Raleigh’s big wheels just ate up the pavement and rolled so smoothly. I flew down the hills that I climbed and was giggling and grinning to myself the whole way.  It seems that anytime I take a first trip somewhere on a vehicle whether it was my Scarabeo 150 scooter or my new bike, somebody tries to hit me. Luckily, through the grace of God and John’s training, I learned to swerve and keep my cool. The car came within 2 inches of my bicycle, but if they would have stopped where they should have (before the crosswalk), they never would have gotten close to me at all. I just looked at the car and then pedaled on, fairly unfazed about it. The lady on the corner waiting to cross, though, gave the driver a look that could kill. Other than that close call I was fine and carried on with my happy little journey. I made myself stop at a gas station and had part of my snack (those little deluxe cookies) and after a short break I was back at it. I didn’t want to stop, but I knew I needed to…the hardest part of having fun is taking a rest now and then. The rest of the journey was uneventful and I stopped a couple more times, the last being a lunch at McDonald’s. After a quick bite to eat, I did my last mile and then….home1

….I was home. It took me a couple hours, but I had a blast. We are going to order me a new saddle and then we will donate the Kulana. I am glad that I did have the Kulana, because it got me through and helped me appreciate the Raleigh more. The fact that the Kulana helped me drop a couple of sizes is pretty nice too. Now it is time for hubby to go over the Raleigh with a fine tooth comb and make sure it is to his satisfaction that it will run smoothly and safely for me. He is threatening to steal mine, so I may just have to hide his shoes….


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