OK, I should know better to do anything when I am tired. I was going to work on my sweater piece…being almost done with what would be the back of the sweater…when I noticed that one stripe was wider on one side than the other. Some how I managed to completely skip 3 rows on side and still have the amount of stitches I had cast on. Well I went to unravel it just to the start of that stripe when I notice that I had dropped quite a few stitches further down. I then unraveled a few more stripes down to the first one that had no issues. Next I tried to get it back on my needles….Ugh! It didn’t quite work and when I did it back on my needles, I couldn’t figure out how many rows I had done and whether I was to start a new color or not. I decided to completely unravel it and start all over. I had to do that with my scarf. It just stinks ’cause I was so close to be able to put the 2 pieces together. Oh well, I will just have to refrain from trying to knit when my eyes are trying to close on me and I feel like I am going in slow motion. 😐


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