RC Cola Chicken


This is my BBQ grill.  It is an old 25 gallon gear oil drum.  I burn hardwood cut from our property or procured through my work as a county road worker.  The grate was actually dug-up from our back yard near the A/C condenser.  It takes a little more skill to cook out this way, as temperature control can be challenging, but it is well worth it for the taste of wood-fired BBQ and not having to run the stove or microwave so much.  What you see here is one of our roosters, Pavarotti, who got too big for his britches, defrosting.  I had put him in the fridge overnight, but he was still too frozen to insert the soda can.

Yes, we do eat our chickens occasionally, especially roosters.  Your rooster-to-hen ratio should be 1 in 10, but sometimes even that is too many if you have one or two who have testosterone overdrive.  Overzealous roosters harrass hens too much, sometimes knocking them out of their laying cycle, pulling feathers, and barebacking hens where they mount them.  ingredients

Here,  you see the cans of RC Cola, some honey bbq sauce, and utensils.  I take my cooking out seriously, and  try to be as prepared ahead of time as possible.  I eventually just stuck the chicken in the microwave to defrost it enough to insert the can.  Beer is often used for this, but beer is a luxury I really cannot afford right now, so I decided to try RC Cola, a favorite soda of mine since I was a kid. on-the-grill

Here is the bird on the grill, stuffed with a soda can and slathered in bbq sauce.  Here’s where I got off track a little with the temperature control.  The meat near the bottumof the legs and the tail ended-up pretty blackened and tough, but overall, the meat turned out tender and tasty.  What I need is to make myself a better grill, using separate burn and cook chambers.  I know where I can get another 25gal drum, so I may start looking into that…


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