DIY tip for staples

projectsFirst-of-all, thanks to Thom at Old Bike Blog for his Blog Love post about our blog.  We recieved 20 views today, our most ever! 

For those of you who are afflicted with a terminal but not deadly chicken obsession, you know exactly what those little u-shaped things are in the picture above: chicken wire staples.  Very handy for securing chicken wire to wood, but nigh-on impossible to start with a hammer without bruising your fingers.  This is my DIY solution:  grip the staple with a pair of needlenose pliers until it’s started.   Your fingers will thank you.  And so will the chickens. 

I would also suggest that you purchase a hammer with the meat-tenderizer face.  The curved tops of those staples encourage a normal hammer to slip off and hit any digits unfortunate enough to be nearby.

Chickens: the pets that give back.


3 thoughts on “DIY tip for staples

  1. Good tip! If you don’t have a lot to do, or if its a small nail. You can use a piece of cardboard. Push the nail or staple into the cardboard and then hammer it in while holding the cardboard, not the nail/staple. Pull off the cardboard once the nail/staple has started in.

  2. I never would have thought to do that. I have used the larger version for fencing, (Lucy used to get out all the time) and would cut and bruise my fingers. I will definatly do this next time to avoid causing bodily harm to myself. LOL

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