Getting Antsy…

It is Monday and I have 5 more days until I get my new (to me anyways) bicycle. I have known about it and have even seen it for awhile now….I have waited ever so patiently for it…but now the anticipation of getting it and riding it home (about 19 miles) is starting to get to me. I have been able to distract myself somewhat. What with taking care of little man, doing schooling, housework, and various hobbies, you would think that time would fly and I wouldn’t even notice. Funny how it works up until the week before the day you get whatever you are waiting for, then it all hits at once. UGGH! This will somehow become one of the slowest weeks of my life and I will be restless as a tiger in a cage. Then I just plain don’t want to do anything else. Maybe if I make puppy eyes at hubby, Saturday will come quicker….:o


One thought on “Getting Antsy…

  1. Honey’s “new” bike will be an ’81 Raleigh DL-1 Women’s Tourist. It’s in better shape overall than mine is. I think it will be a more enjoyable bike to ride than the Kulana is, and a tad more efficient.

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