A smile for today….

Having a little one is quite an eye opener, especially when they are able to communicate with you. They  have a completely different view of the world than you. Mine has come up with some interesting questions and ideas that have brought a smile and a giggle to hubby and me. Thought I would share some with you….

  • Leg’s belly : what my son calls his calf area.
  • While looking at a picture of a sheared sheep he asked “Why did they cut off the sheep’s snow?”
  • “It’s blue out.” means it is day time and “It’s not blue out.” means it is night.
  • Various ways he pronounces words such as presments for presents, duckaling for duckling, bisicts for biscuits.
  • One that always makes hubby smile and strut is when I tell little man he is not allowed to grow anymore (’cause as mama I want him to stay little) he says “I have to grow, so that I can be big like dada.”

I look forward to what else little man comes up with. Hope you enjoyed a little smile for today. 😀


2 thoughts on “A smile for today….

  1. Earthball — a word our grand daughter made up to describe a thing she did not have a word for, “globe”. It’s perfectly descriptive, and we still use it. She went to school and her teacher had one on the desk. She was very kind to the “ignorant” teacher, “because she didn’t know the word for it”!

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