New digs for Ginger

front-view2Today, I decided to do some work on Ginger’s enclosure.  Once the baby chicks arrive, there will need to be some fine wire around the bottum to keep them in.  I could just imagine the ruckus I would hear from Ginger if one of her chicks got out and she couldn’t defend it.  I thought that my work around her would disturb Ginger Ale, but she seemed unperturbed.  She got up twice during the four hours I was out there to inspect my work, potty,  eat and drink, then go back to her setting. 


As always happens when I start work on a chicken coop project, I end up doing way more than I set out to.  I made Ginger’s enclosure a little over twice it’s original size.  It had to be done before we went to bed, also, to keep out any marauding critters. 


I can tell you from experience that good tools are worth the cost.  They make my job so much easier.  Ginger’s enclosure is just to the right of my temporary work bench on top of the nesting boxes.  top-view

It’s hard to see through the mesh, but Ginger’s little nesting box is safe inside under the wire reinforced tarp roof.   It’s actually an old motorcycle cover, that’s why it’s reflective.  The leaf on the mesh close to the camera had dozens of newly hatched baby spiders on it.  I think spring will be early this year. 

I have this post in the cycling again category because probably 90% of the materials I use for my chicken houses and enclosures are recycled from construction dumpsters, landfills, or friends’ yards.


2 thoughts on “New digs for Ginger

  1. I can’t wait until I get home so I can come by and see it! Thanks again for fixing my bike. I really need to ride it more. The loop around the neighborhoood made my legs burn. I guess that shows you how much I have worked out lately. I know that fixing that pen was hardwork, but Ginger will be thankful for all the hard work!

  2. For you other readers, Cassidy is one of our next door neighbors. After seeing us ride so much, she has decided to pull out her Schwinn comfort bike and start riding again. The stem had pulled out of the rear innertube, so I installed one I had laying around, tightened some things, and adjusted her seat height (she had it way too low).
    You’re welcome, Cass, and Ginger is already liking her increased space and the fact that she doesn’t have to deal with the other hens sticking their heads through the wires right in front of her box.

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