How Many?

Take a nesting box made for one hen and see how many can fit themselves in there at one time. So how many can fit?


The answer…3! Cali is the white one in the back, Fuar (f00-ur) is the black one and Volkswagon is the one in front.


They are still trying to pick out a new box, after having been banned from their favorites. They still have quite awhile before they can get to those boxes again, because when the babies are born they will be left with mama in the tractor until they are big enough to be introduced into the flock.  Not only are they fighting over nests they are stealing eggs from each other. Silly birds.  😀

Miss Ginger Ale is still sitting tight…5 days now….16 more days to go before the babies are to hatch. Little man says she will have one hen and one rooster baby. She is back to her original nest. We believe she moved to begin with, because of trying to seperate the 2 eggs she is on from the 5 eggs she kicked out. Since I removed the 5, she has moved back.


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