Pony Pals

We signed little man up for 4-H. He goes once a month to a meeting to learn about horses. Since he is only 5 there was only two groups to choose from. One had to do with horses and the other to do with sea creatures. We chose horses, since little man is aiming to be a cowboy. Monday was his second meeting and he learned about horse feed and digestion. His favorite part was at the end when he received his Pony Pals t-shirt:


It swallows him whole, but it will last the couple of years he is in Pony Pals. I have let him wear a couple days now, but will have to make him put it in the laundry tonight, so that it can be ready for the next meeting.

pony-palsHe sure is awful proud of his new shirt. He seems to really enjoy the group so far. I am sure it will be more exciting as we go along. We (unfortunately) came in towards the end of the year (4-H’s year starts in September), but he will get to do more next year. He has a field trip to a horse farm coming up, which we will be making no bake horse treats to leave for the horses. Since he is under the age of 8, 4-H does not allow them to actually touch or ride a horse or pony. Liability reasons, but hubby and I are going to look into finding a place where he can go and try a ride.

I have started on my next knitting project. It is a sweater for little man. He has chosen red and blue (his favorites) for the colors. It will be striped with one blue mitten pocket and one red mitten pocket. He was not so sure about it to begin with, but now is very excited. In fact when I was beginning to roll the red yarn into a ball; I had to put it down and go complete another task. I looked up from what I was doing and he was trying to finish the ball for me. I have 3 stripes finished so far. When I get the front piece completed I will post pics. This is the next step up for me, because it still only uses straight needles. I want to do as much as possible with the straight needles, before I try something with the circular ones.


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