Sitting tight…

Well last night we went to gather eggs and to see if Ginger Ale was still sitting on the nest. We noticed that there were 5 eggs and no Ginger Ale. I asked hubby how many eggs she was originally sitting on and he thought about it and said 7. So I look in at the nest to the left of the eggs and see her sitting there. She looks to be asleep, so I go to reach my hand under to see if she has eggs under her. Well she does and I almost lost a finger!  I have been out this morning to check and she is still there.  I was a little bummed that she had kicked out 5 eggs, but they are probably not fertile. Another upside is the eggs will hatch around the time we get the other babies, so that means we can possibly get her to be a mommy to them, too. Fingers cross that she stays through. I have read where they sometimes get bored and get off halfway through. Let’s hope she doesn’t find this a boring task.


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