Take Two…


Well Miss Ginger Ale decided to go broody and is staying on the nest. So we shut her in with food and water and have marked the calendar.


(She is moving them from one box to another in this photo)

We had made a portable chicken tractor that we used to drag them around the yard until we fenced the big chicken yard. When we no longer needed to move them around the yard we used it to quarantine sick birds and in preparing for the chance of a broody hen, moved it over the boxes that they use all the time. This way if one of the hens went broody we could protect her from predators during the night and harrassing hens during the day.  Now all the rest of the hens are in a fit, because they cannot get to their favorite boxes. We do have a set of 8 boxes that are not covered by the tractor (backup for if we ever had a broody hen) that they are able to lay in. They are just stubborn and don’t want to use them.George finally figured it out that she was not going to be able to lay in her favorite box and laid an egg in one of the other boxes. A couple of others followed her lead, but we still had some that just couldn’t get the idea. So along comes Shotzy to help:


Here he is in the box trying to let the hens know it is ok to lay here. He kept getting in and out of the box making soft rumbling sounds to comfort them. As you can see to the right, Volkswagon is testing out his idea.


Here more hens checking out the box and getting gentle encouragement from Shotzy. If you look closely at the box on the far right, Cali has figured it out and is laying. Beg Beg is standing next to Shotzy and Volkswagon is checking out a different box. They will go in and out of the boxes- fussing up a storm-several times, before they find what suits them.


Yeah! Someone laid an egg. This is a very exciting time for us and not only are the chickens frazzled, so are we. We are very interested to see how this will all turn out. The only sad note to this exciting event is that we lost Chewy yesterday. She died in hubby’s arms while I was away. We are not sure if she strangled herself or broke her neck but it has greatly affected us.  She will be missed dearly. 😦


One thought on “Take Two…

  1. ‘Sme Hon! Now that I’m up on WordPress, you gottah put me on as a guest author.
    For all you adoring fans (all three of you), I’m Cyclingchicken’s hubby. We are very excited about our first broody hen. She had 7 eggs under her, and pushed out all but two. That may be a good thing, as we have about 20 or so biddies supposed to arrive about the time those two should hatch. We may be able to put the new biddies under her at night. However, there is a small window of time when you can do that, and we will still have to monitor her to make sure she accepts them:)

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