Almost done…

I had decided to do my scarf in two colors: black and lime green. Those happen to be my fav colors at this moment in time. I had finished my black side so I then needed to add green. I looked at all the methods to add a new color and finally just made a tiny knot and trimmed it. I am lacking some of the necessary supplies at this time, so I must improvise. I am improving as I go along and making fewer mistakes. I noticed at one point my line of yarn was coming apart, so I cut that portion out and tied the ends together and kept going. Unfortunately, I didn’t make my knot tight enough, so it came loose. Although, I am pretty handy with tape and voila my fix:

fixI am not sure how long this fix will last, but it will do until I can come up with something better or make a new one. I am pretty thrilled with my creation.

green-sideHere is my green side done. It went a lot faster than the black. Part of the reason is I had done all that practice with the black. Another was that I could see what I was doing better. 

wholeHere it is almost done…I am going to add fringe to both sides. Green fringe on the black side and black fringe on the green side. I just have to do some research to figure it out.  I have two more scarfs to do once I get the supplies and then I will have to figure out which is more difficult to do a hoodie or socks.


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