Kitchen Decor

Since I have become obssessed about chickens, I had to have at least one room in the house dedicated to them. I really had only two choices living room or kitchen. I went with the kitchen. It really needed an update….4 years is a long time for me not to change something around. At least every 3 months I am rearranging furniture. So with the help of e-bay and some local stores, I was able to get rooster decorations for my kitchen.


I found these really cool wall decals that go on and off real easily, as well as, stays put even when washed. I like having tile on my kitchen wall, as it makes it a versatile place to decorate.


What kitchen would be complete without a cookie jar? Currently, without cookies, but shall be renewed by this weekend. As I hate having an empty cookie jar, this purchase has kept me in baking mode…big grins from hubby and little man…seeings how they would kill over and die if there were no cookies somewhere in their diet.


My after Christmas, on sale find. Only a dollar for these pretty things. In the comb are the holes for the salt (3 holes) and pepper (2 holes). It is nice having a set to keep on the stove. I buy my salt and pepper in bulk and sometimes I end up adding too much when I pour from the box. These keep me from ruining a good dinner. I also have another pretty set with a rooster and a hen on the kitchen table. Those were a gift from my neighbors. I just need to actually fill them up. It was a sweet gift especially since they didn’t know that my kitchen was decorated with roosters.


Here is my inspiration for my all rooster decor. His name is General Benelli Belly and he is my head rooster. He is a bantam Mille Fleur D’uccle. He stands a little bit taller than a coke can and is the sweetest thing. Hubby calls him yard boss, because he keeps everyone in line. He is my absolute fav of all my chickens. I am looking forward to seeing some of the babies once the hens actually start to set. I can’t wait to see some of his offspring. One of the cool things about having a mix between standards and bantams is that you get different sizes and colors of eggs.


From left to right….a bantam egg (most likely a frizzle cochin), and standard amerucana egg, a George egg (she is a Production Red and lays the darkest eggs), and a mixed mutt egg.  We sometimes even get eggs bigger than the one on the right. We are getting more eggs now, in fact we got 17 of them yesterday. When we get too many of them, we give a dozen eggs away to friends and people at hubby’s work, except for the banty eggs…I keep and cook with them. Two of the banty eggs equals about one normal size egg.


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