Going broody…

ginger-aleThis is Ms. Ginger Ale and she is a bantam or miniature chicken. She is a buff cochin and she got us all excited this weekend when she decided to go broody (or so we thought). She sat her little self on 9 standard size eggs and spent the night sitting tight. Unfortunately, it was not to be…she got up this morning and didn’t get back on. The exciting thing is that they are starting to show signs of going broody. This happen with my neighbor’s silkie and after a few fits and starts, she is sitting tight. I went to the neighbors the other night and we candled the eggs  and we know that at least one of them has a baby inside them. I am not sure whether we will candle our eggs or not. I have mixed feelings about it…mostly afraid that I won’t  put the eggs back the right way and end up killing the baby inside. Plus, I do not want to upset the mama and have her decide to get up in the midst of setting. I have read of many a clutch not hatching due to the mama being harrassed (mainly by another hen). We have a way to keep the other hens out once one decides to sit tight which is a good thing otherwise you get something like this….


This is Coke (the black bantam frizzle cochin) and Fresno the standard mixed mutt. It works ok if there are 2 bantams or a bantam & a standard, but when 2 standards get involved it can be quite a noisy sight. With all the pecking, fussing and general trying to get comfortable, it can be quite the battle royale in the chicken yard. 😛


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