Treat time….

Whenever possible we try to supplement our chickies feed with yummy treats. Their favortite is mashed potatoes and gravy. Others include, bread, popcorn, veggies, and fruit. A close second to their favorite is yogurt. Yogurt is really good for them ’cause it is loaded with the good bacteria Acedopholis.  It is rather hilarious to watch them eat, as they get it all over themselves and those around them. Up until now I have not had a camera to take pics, but I got some good shots today.


Going clockwise from the spoon is Te (pronounced che), Crispy, Volkswagon, Fresno, Toffee, George, Fuar (pronounced foo-ur) and Chewy.


Shotzy (the black and white rooster) and Ginger Ale (the buff color one at the spoon) come to get some.


Dally with yogurt all over her face.

 I really do enjoy these chickens and cannot wait until we get the ones we have ordered from Ideal. My neighbor’s silkie has gone broody, so we are going to try and hatch about  3 of our eggs to see how it goes.


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