bicycle add ons

Here is a picture of our rigs. Hubby is on a Raliegh DL-1 and my Kulana cruiser with little man’s Schwinn runabout is in the background. Directly behind hubby is the trailer we use to get groceries. We also have the odd bicycle lying around for spare parts.


Hubby and I had been using baskets to carry stuff around with.  He had a big wire rack and I had a small plastic weave one ( basically for added cuteness factor…same thing with the streamers).  The  baskets just didn’t have the capacity to haul all that we needed…especially mine. So hubby set out to fix our problem. He initially made a rear rack with an old, soft motorcycle topcase added to it to get him by until he could buy a rear rack/double kickstand assembly. He had been looking around at the price of front racks and didn’t like how expensive they were for such a small amount of space, so he decided after visiting this place that he could come up with something himself. 

hubby's rack
hubby's rack

With a few tools, a washing machine door, and a handle from the bicycle trailer (it converted into a stroller), he created his masterpiece. We didn’t need the handle due to the fact that little man is big enough to walk or ride wherever we go. The washing machine door came from the machine that died the same day that the dryer killed over.  He has had this set up for a couple of days now and enjoys it. He has even hauled (at the same time) 2-two liters of soda on it without any problem. Since this picture he has updated with a green bag so that he is able to haul more stuff. The only thing left for him to do is to figure out how he wants to do his lights. He is trying to decide between an assembly made for a bicycle or make something using the battery power light that comes with those tool sets. Now that he was taken care of it was time to address my problem. By now he had received and installed his rear rack/double kickstand, thus freeing up the beginning set up that I liked very much. With a few subtle hints of ” What are you going to do with the old setup? and I really do like that bag.” I was able to get the original setup for my front.


Needless to say, I am a very happy camper and am looking forward to fitting everything but the kitchen sink in there. The great thing is the bag is waterproof and if need be it can expand to twice the height it is at now. It is only a temporary set up on this bike until I can get my Raliegh at the end of February. I will also be getting the rear rack/double kickstand assembly for my Raliegh. Thus giving my husband something else to figure out as I won’t be able to attach little man’s trailer to the seat post. I am short, so the seat will be all the way down. That is ok all this problem solving caters to his mechanic side. I am sure there will be many add ons to come. 🙂

rear rack/double kickstand assembly
rear rack/double kickstand assembly
P.S. For any one interested, hubby got his rear rack/ double kickstand assembly at North Road Bicycle Imports . He really likes it and it was very easy to install. 

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