Weekly Summaries

Well I had plan on blogging everyday, but have discovered that I am a little on the busy side, so I am going to do it weekly and see how that works. Since I am changing my format I decided to get rid of my old posts and start anew. 

Blending in...
Blending in…


I have decided to introduce a member of my flock each week. This week is Chewy. She got her name, because as a baby she was the color of dark caramel. She is a very sweet pullet and likes to be held and petted. She lays light green eggs. She lays about 4 or 5 times a week. The picture doesn’t do her justice, because she has one of the most beautiful patterns of all my chickens.  When I throw out the scratch she will eat it from my hands and since she likes to be petted she normally gets first dibs. She is also the first to come running when treats are being offered.
We are getting about  7-15 eggs a day now. I am hoping that one of the chickens will go broody, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. We are ordering more pullets from Ideal this year to add more strains to our flock. They should be getting here at the end of February and I am all excited.
raleigh emblem
We get around by bicycles….we do not have a car and although my husband does have a 500cc scooter he is looking to sell it. I am too short to ride it so the bike is my set of wheels. Right now I have a Kulana from Wal-Mart with a Schwinn Runabout attached to it to haul my son around with. We make quite a sight going down the road. I am in the process of saving money so that I can get a Raleigh DL-1. They have one at University Cycle in Tallahassee. Yesterday we rode up to Tallahasse, so that we could take little man to see the Mast0don fossil and so my hubby could take me to see my future bike. My hubby has the man’s version of the DL-1 and absolutely loves it. I can’t wait until the end of February….that is when I will be able to purchase my bicycle. 🙂
We are slowly building our stamina by taking trips farther and farther away from home. We started out by going to the library which is a 10 mile round trip. From there we went to St. Marks (30 miles round), Sopchoppy (30 miles round) and now Tallahasse (38 mile round). It has improved our health and energy greatly and where as I am not losing weight yet…I have gone down several inches and a couple of dress sizes.
Day to Day Life
I am learning how to knit. My goal is to learn how to make socks…we never seem to have enough here and since our feet sweat horribly we need wool socks. It can get pricey for just one pair: around $7-$15 depending on where you get them. I can buy the yarn cheaper than that. I have been practicing the basic stitches and am now in the process of trying to make a scarf. If I succeed then I will make ones for hubby and little man.
Well that is all for this week.

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